Best 5 Forums for Women Seeking Relationship Advice

AAlexandra November 20, 2023 7:01 AM

In the digital age, online forums have become a go-to source for all kinds of advice. Whether you're dealing with a difficult relationship or simply looking for insights into the world of dating, there's a forum out there to help. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 forums that cater specifically to women seeking relationship advice.

1. Reddit's r/relationships

Reddit, the front page of the internet, houses an enormous variety of forums (known as subreddits). The r/relationships subreddit is a treasure trove of relationship advice for women and men alike. The community is made up of over 2 million subscribers, meaning there's always someone to lend a sympathetic ear and offer advice.

2. Quora

Quora is another place where you can find relationship advice. It's not a forum in the traditional sense, but the platform allows users to ask questions and get answers from people all over the world. There are many relationship experts and experienced individuals who provide insightful and in-depth answers.

3. is a forum dedicated to discussing dating, relationships, and more. The community is supportive and offers plenty of advice for women in all kinds of relationship situations. It's a great place to get insights from other women who have gone through similar experiences.

4. Talk About Marriage

For those who are married and need advice, Talk About Marriage is a helpful forum. It covers topics ranging from coping with infidelity to reconciling after a separation. It's a supportive community that can provide valuable insights for women in different stages of marriage.

5. is a UK-based forum that covers a wide range of topics, including relationships. It's a great place for women to connect with each other and share advice. It's not limited to relationship advice, making it a good resource for women seeking advice on a variety of topics.

Forum Description
Reddit's r/relationships A subreddit with over 2 million subscribers offering advice on every kind of relationship issue
Quora A platform for asking questions and getting answers from people worldwide A dedicated forum for discussing dating, relationships, and more
Talk About Marriage A forum for those seeking advice on marriage issues A UK-based forum covering a wide range of topics, including relationships

When looking for advice, remember to take all suggestions with a grain of salt. Not all advice will be applicable to your specific situation, so it's essential to use your judgement. And when it comes to serious issues, don't hesitate to seek professional help. Whether it's a counselor, therapist, or a trusted advisor, there are resources available that can provide the help you need. These forums should serve as a starting point and a place to find comfort in shared experiences.

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