Best 5 Women-Centric Film Festivals to Attend

AAlexandra March 8, 2024 7:01 AM

Film festivals are a huge part of the film industry, offering a platform for creators to showcase their work and for audiences to discover new talents and perspectives. However, not all film festivals are created equal. Some are specifically designed to highlight and celebrate the voices and visions of women in the film industry. These women-centric film festivals not only recognize the further representation of women in film but also contribute to female empowerment in the industry. Let's dive into the best five women-centric film festivals you should consider attending.

High Falls Women's Film Festival

Based in Rochester, New York, the High Falls Women's Film Festival celebrates women in film – both in front of and behind the camera. The festival is unique as it only accepts films where women play a significant role in at least two of the following areas: Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, or Composer.

Athena Film Festival

Located at Barnard College in New York City, the Athena Film Festival is an annual celebration of women and leadership. The festival showcases films that tell powerful stories of courageous and audacious women leaders from all walks of life.

POW Film Fest

POW (Power of Women) Film Fest, based in Portland, Oregon, showcases films that are directed by women. It’s a festival that truly empowers women by providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

Film Festival Location Notable Films
High Falls Women's Film Festival Rochester, NY 'The Breadwinner', 'Mudbound'
Athena Film Festival New York, NY 'On the Basis of Sex', 'RBG'
POW Film Fest Portland, OR 'The 36th', 'Miss Representation'

Women's Voices Now Film Festival

The Women's Voices Now Film Festival is an online-based festival that promotes the empowerment of women worldwide. The festival accepts films from all over the globe that focus on women's rights and the advancement of women and girls.


Lunafest is a traveling film festival celebrating, showcasing, and championing women in film. Founded in 2000, it has been a force for change in the industry, promoting gender equality both on and off the screen.

Film Festival Location Notable Films
Women's Voices Now Film Festival Online 'Faces of Harassment', 'Once Upon a Time'
Lunafest Traveling 'Flipped', 'Rupture'

These top 5 women-centric film festivals provide a much-needed platform for women's voices and visions in the film industry. They contribute to the ongoing discussion about gender equality in film and offer a unique experience for festival-goers. So next time you're planning your festival circuit, consider adding these five gems to your list.

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